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Become the best version of yourself. Learn the truth of yourself.  Learn your potential. 


- The Infinite Order of Asiatic Magi

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Founder of The Infinite Order Of The Asiatic Magi

Pawahtuun is an advocate for Mental Health and psychological development.


With an extensive background in Hypnotherapy, and  Counseling Pawahtuun has the experience to bring out the APEX in his clients.

This passion for developing human potential has inspired the creation of The Astronomical Temple of Infinity (ATOI).


"My Core Belief is a Mathematical philosophy executed in the Proper Time"


As you encounter challenges in life, it is essential to have the ability to receive support and resources. Dr. Pawahtuun has the solutions for what life has to deliver.


Hypnotherapy HPM©

Eliminate Phobias, Pain Management without the use of Pharmaceutical Drugs


Astrological Temple of Infinity

An Invitation to unlock your potential. Learn the buried power within your mind and stretch beyond your limitations. An experience unmatched and like no other. 


Polarity Life Path Reading

From the moment you are born, your life unfolds in precise planetary cycles and seasons from its eternity down to each  single  day. It is revealed in an ancient system based upon the mathematics and symbology hidden within our ancestral lineage.

- Your Oppurtunity -

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