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An Indigenous Cosmology and Tribal Education Firm, TUA. 

Mind body and breath are systems of a whole and must be treated together for they are one.

In Western society they are treated separately you go to a religious institution for your soul, then you visit a gym for your body, then you go to your psychotherapist for your mind. This is erroneous mind body and soul are again systems of one and the same being.

I offer a unique prospective on mental, emotional and philosophical destiny of Indigenous peoples. Specializing in the re-education of the philsophical values of the human family.

Psychological Cosmology brings psychology and cosmology together along their unifying thread: understanding our potentials and challenges and moving, through self-knowledge and practice, through obstacles and into a more joyful and fulfilled life. 

Psychological cosmology dictates that every person arrives on this planet with specific proclivities, strengths, and liabilities. It's a way of understanding what our "life school" is this time around: where we're meant to explore and grow, and where we are naturally strongest. A deeper understanding of your own birth experience supports you to live into the complete fullness of our unique selves and to better understand and appreciate the uniqueness and potential of others. 

This study properly identifies the mind. We take cosmology into account from an energetic standpoint, considering the interface between the earths magnetic fields in our local space, and calculating on how these celestial energetic rhythms influence human thought and behavior based on these celestial aspects. With this science, we can calculate with precision the type of person we are dealing with based on a birthdate – a moment in time when celestial objects are in a certain cyclical position. 

Magnetic waves of energy known as consciousness go through a “bridge” or channel called sub-atomic and atomic particles (the chemical elements), chiefly the channel of carbon the most shareable element. This coming forth allows consciousness/waves to impact our antennas (bodies) and to receive communications. The type and quality of energetic signaling received by the body is determined by the health state of the body, and the quality of behavior of the body is determined by its level of self-awareness. The more self-aware we are, the more we can carve out our own chosen destinies by affording ourselves the opportunity to master self. The less self-aware we are, the more we subject ourselves to a fate determined by outside influences we are unaware of. 

Pawahtuun Xi Amaru :.

Head Master of ATOI: IOOAM

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