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The Qur'aan and Cosmology: The Mysterious Huruuf-al-Muqattaat the Letter "Lam"

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

As a follower and student of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I had the blessing of growing up around pioneer muslims, brothers and sisters who were very close to him. We would have coffee, bean pie, or farina bread, as they would relate their experiences in the presence of Messenger Muhammad. Oftentimes they would mention the vision he used to "tell us about" as they would call it. While in Chicago as a young Minister, I was invited to dine with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan at the home of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, known around the world as "The Palace", for two nights consecutively we discussed this vision of Messenger Elijah Muhammad. This vision or shall I say, this communication is pivotal in our understanding of the Qur'aan as we move forward as a people united.

The Messenger related that he saw a book in this vision and its letters were dimensional (meaning they had depth). He further stated that when he looked at the letters of the book, it appeared as though the letters were penetrating the book all the way through. These letters had a glow or an illumination. The Messenger said that the only letter that he recognized was the Arabic letter "Lam". The "Lam" in this the 23 Oura letter misnomered Arabic and is the letter "L in english." The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that he recognized it because that letter seemed to have been all through the book and that it stood out, you will see very clearly my interpretation of his vision of the Qura letter Lam before you reach the end of this blog.

The Qur'aan is a book designed for the specific purpose of repairing the psychology of human beings after the great cataclysm or as Messenger Muhammad taught us the deportation of moon. The esoteric teachings of Qur'aan as well as the exoteric, haven't been studied from an Indigenous prospective despite of it being studied through millenniums, those understandings evade proper explanation from those whom the book it self speaks against. An example of such texts is the 'Mysterious Abbreviated Letters’ of the Qur'aan, popularly known as the “Huruuf-al-Muqattaat”.

The Mysterious Abbreviated Letters (Huruuf-al-Muqatta'at):

Among the mysteries of the Qur’aan few are greater than that of the muqatta’at, or abbreviated letters. Many theories have been generated over the centuries to explain them. None is universally accepted, and the orthodox or conservative Muslim theologians refuse to accept any one theory over the others. They prefer to designate them as being inscrutable mysteries. In this writers opinion they don't want it known.

However in secret societies these letters where and are being explored to the nth degree. According to ancient Hermetic teachings (these are the teachings I studied in 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) the letter ‘Lam’ in Arabic depicts the sign of Taurus in the Qur'aan according to their historical writings. The astrological symbol of Taurus is the ‘bull’, and its functional qualitiles include material wealth and abundance. In illustrating the archetypal Taurus, the Hermetics postulate that the Qur'aan teaches humans to control their desires of amassing material goods, and use their wealth in the service of some "nobler objectives".

Here I have recalculated the Hermetic Teachings and rendered my calculations based on earth polarity science as taught by Aboriginal University. I begin with Huruuf-al-Muqattatt Lam since this is the letter Messenger Elijah Muhammad saw in his vision, (this is an except of my thesis on the complete Huuruf-al-Muqattatt to be released spring 2021).


Qur'aan Surah 2 Ayah 67:

And when Musa/Moses said unto his nation/government: Lo! Allaah commandeth you that you sacrifice a cow, they said: Dost thou make game of us? He answered: Allaah forbid that I should be among the foolish!


They said: Pray for us unto thy Lord that He make clear to us what (cow) she is.

(Musa/Moses) answered: Lo! He saith, Verily she is a cow neither with calf nor immature;

(she is) between the two conditions; so do that which ye are commanded.


They said: Pray for us unto thy Lord that He make clear to us of what colour she is.

(Musa/Moses) answered: Lo! He saith: Verily she is a yellow cow. Bright is her colour,

gladdening beholders.


They said: Pray for us unto thy Lord that He make clear to us what (cow) she is. Lo!

cows are much alike to us; and lo! if Allaah wills, we may be led aright.


(Musa/Moses) answered: Lo! He saith: Verily she is a cow unyoked; she plougheth not the

soil nor watereth the tilth; whole and without mark. They said: Now thou bringest the

truth. So they sacrificed her, though almost they did not.


In ayat/verse 67, Musa asked his people to metaphorically forgo the practices of

accumulating wealth by sacrificing a cow, which would symbolize the characteristics of

the 2nd Polarity misnomered Taurus which influences possessions and wealth

but in ayah 68, the people of Musa contended to defend their practices by

asking questions that were meant to examine Musas’ knowledge of astronomy/cosmology. Those people were contending that Musa himself had no wealth, so how could he know the pain of forsaking wealth, Musa answered that in ayah 68 by describing the position of the censtellation Taurus in the zodiac by saying that the cow of Taurus was neither with a calf (twin characteristic of the 3rd Polarity misnomered Gemini), nor immature (charatersic of the 1st Polarity misnomered Aries); rather the constellation had to be in between of the constellations Gemini and Aries. In ayah 69, the yellow color of the cow was described because of it being the color of the metal copper which the Hermetic Philosophers place under the zodiac of Taurus incorrectly, 2nd Polarity/Taurus these are the correct elements that are associated with the 2nd polarity based on atomic geometry, Fluorine, Iron, Magnesium, Silicone, Zinc, Iodine, Phosphorous, Sulfur, Chlorine, Manganese, Potassium, Sodium, Chromium. (Cubic, Hexagonal, Orthorhombic, Triclinic) copper in our Indigeous system is a 5th polarity element.

In closing I'd like to bring your attention to the portion of the ayah mentioned here, “Bright is her color, gladdening beholders." This tell us that it's the 2nd Polarity misnomered Taurus because we know that the spring equinox is the position of earth when blooming of colorful flowers takes place to "gladden the beholders."

Yet still we see the attachment of people with their wealth being so strong that

they contended for more evidence, and Musa being compliant replied with the following explanation of the element Earth of our 2nd Polarity misnomered Taurus in ayah 71. It read that this cow was unyoked, meaning that the 2nd Polarity again misnomered Taurus is at 31-60 degrees of sky this is season of spring; it did not labor on earth because the earth is

already fertile in spring; and without mark represents that it is a fixed polarity that can not be influenced by the changing patterns of the seasons.

These are the descriptions of the 2nd Polarity misnomered Taurus that the people of Musa/Elijah were left with no option but to reluctantly sacrifice the cow representing their (material wealth, economy/lineage, businesses, real estate holdings, land, etc.)

The prefixes with letter ‘Lam’ also appear in other Surrat of the Qur'aan, dealing with

the archetypal properties of the 2nd Polarity misnomered Taurus such as wealth management, usury, cow worship, greed, and materialism in the following ayat:

(S:2A:54), (S:2:57), (S:2:61), (S:2:168), (S:2:A271- 276), (S:3A:130), (S:3A:180), (S:7A:130), (S:7A:148), and (S:7A:152).

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