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Why Indigenous Cosmology?

After hundreds of years of continued mental, emotional, and physical abuse by foreigners, indigenous peoples have found themselves in an extreme state of dysfunction. Our daily lives are filled with stress due to institutional inhibitions to our ability to live our own traditional and cultural lifestyles. People all over the earth have literally and figuratively lost their minds (magnetic fields), or rather had their minds stolen from them.

This great lack of knowledge of self leads to painful and traumatic experiences over a lifetime. In all the chaos there is still an order, if only we could read the truth of reality to our benefit!

Thanks to Dr. Amaru Namaa Taga Xi-Aly Muhammad and the Aboriginal University © ® ™ Department of Psychology, the Indigenous system of reading The Mind known as the Tzulukin (Tzolkin) Calendar has been restored in its proper and improved form to its founding lineage of people, the Xi-Amaru klans of the Americas.

We can help help you and your family heal from all the things mentioned above and the effects of those actions. Private, confidential, safe.



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