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ATOI:Infinite Order Of Asiatic Magi©

School of Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

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  • North 17th Street

Service Description

This Course is for those who have a desire to become initiates into this ancient order for indigenous people, if you wish to be a part of the Allah Temple of Islam: Infinite Order of the Asiatic Magi (ATOI: IOTAM) please submit your intention in writing. Include your birthday and time and place of birth. This path is not for everyone. It is for those who have come to realize that an inner world exists. This world is as real as the world we see, hear, feel, and touch. This inner world far surpasses in importance the external world of manifestation. The ability to recognize the difference between these two worlds is the first clue for recognizing one who is on the path of the Magi. The Magi understands that the outer world is unreal, an illusion. Only the inner world is real and true. The Magi may be found playing many roles in the outer world. They are very much like actors. Magi act out these many roles only because of another life they live on an inner plane which is both concurrent and coherent with the outer plane. The Magi may be more accurately described as artist rather than actor. The Magi knows that the outer life is unreal, merely an illusion. Nevertheless, he/she plays it well and conscientiously. Each experience in the outer world has an inner lesson to advance the disciple. These experiences are opportunities to develop courage, endurance, wisdom, and other similarly desirable characteristics. The greatest obstacle a Magi student will have to overcome is the immense and incessant pressure of public opinion, especially the opinions of the spiritually ignorant and the unenlightened. How exactly does the Adept differ from the ordinary person? Fundamentally, it is a difference in attitude. The Magi lives to gain neither position nor honors. Rather, he/she lives in accord with the principles of an inner world, principles unknown to the uninitiated. The disciple is always trying to develop some virtue such as love, for example, patience and tolerance. I founded the Infinite Order of The Asiatic Magi to preserve the ancient cultural wisdoms that would otherwise be lost to antiquity. We Certify: The Sacred Supreme Wisdom Lessons Remote Viewing Level 1, 2 and 3 Hypnosis Level 1, 2 and 3 Group Study of Conversational Egyptian Level 1 And so Much More ..... Tuition $2,222.22 a year. No Refunds or Exchanges. All Sales are Final.

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Cancellation Policy

All Cancelled Appointments will be charged 50% of value of the service if not done in two days notice.

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  • 1102 North 17th Street, Harrisburg, PA, USA


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