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Hypnotherapy Session

The Ericksonian Modal of Hypnosis

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

Can hypnosis really help with just one session? Years ago, we used to suggest to our students that every problem should just be a one and done fix. We thought, “If you do the absolute best you can during the first session, what are you going to do during the second sessio? The second best you can do?” Of course, this kind of thinking can be limiting to a budding hypnotist and just as limiting to a certified and experienced one. It would be like telling a basketball or hockey player that unless they scored a goal every single time they had control over the ball or puck, they might as well not even try. In reality, there are several single-session fixes for some problems, while others require more than one. So what can you expect to get helped with (or help others with) when it comes to single session fixes? Here is a short list for starters. Problems that typically require just a single session: Smoking cessation Phobia removal Overcoming past negative events Pain management While this list might be short in terms of single-session fixes, the amount of work a hypnotist can do with what’s listed is substantial. Just within the line of work of phobias, there are over 116 different types of phobias identified throughout the world. It’s estimated that in North America alone 19 million people have some kind of phobia - so you can see there is plenty of single-session work available with just phobias alone. What issues require multiple hypnosis sessions? When it comes to multiple hypnosis sessions, one way to think about it is the metaphor of a house, specifically when it comes to cleaning. If you had a subject who was suffering from a single past event that they want to work on, that can be like cleaning a single room of a house. If that same subject had complex trauma, years of past abuse, or other layered negative life-events, then you can consider that like cleaning the entire house. It’s much easier to clean a house one room at a time, where your sole focus is strictly on that single room, rather than attempting to clean a little of each room throughout the entire house, bit by bit. Reasons for multiple hypnosis sessions: Education & ongoing coaching Complex trauma Creating a new life and new behaviors Weight management Another way to think about the multiple session approach would be looking at a personal trainer and how they work with their clients.

Cancellation Policy

All Cancelled Appointments will be charged 50% of value of the service if not done in two days notice.

Contact Details


1102 North 17th Street, Harrisburg, PA, USA

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