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We Are Stronger Together


The Infinite Order Of The Asiatic Magi

The Infinite Order of The Asiatic Magi (IOOAM) is a group of Scientists. We are doing the Great Work of Learning and Expanding The High Sciences of our Aboriginal Ancestors. The life sciences that they observed, fostered, and obeyed created High Civilisations. We are the Lost-Found members of that Nation and seek to foster the preservation of those teachings from The Messenger Elijah Muhammad who learned directly from Allah in the person of Fard Muhhamad. We take a Scientific approach to the mysteries of life until they become applicable facilities in our awareness. 

This is a life-changing, paradigm-shifting, mind-expanding organization. We take our studies seriously. That doesn't mean we don't have fun. Learning and applying the sciences is OUR fun and we want you to join us on that pursuit. Learn what was stolen from you, practice and apply, and be renewed in your highest capacity. Want updates, newsletters, and exclusive offers sent straight to your email? What about a COMPLIMENTARY weekly class? All we ask is your email so we can send you the invitations. Fair Enough? See you on the other side. 

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